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Udinese Calcio

Udinese Calcio


Who will be the Udinese MVP for the game against Torino?

Who will be the Udinese MVP? Vote now for the best player of Torino vs Udinese.

  • Closed
  • Open: févr. 05, 2023 - 12:00
  • Close: févr. 05, 2023 - 14:00
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Locked Token Count:999UDI
Marco Silvestri

Marco SilvestriVote:32

Daniele Padelli

Daniele PadelliVote:25

Edoardo Piana

Edoardo PianaVote:27

Nehuén Pérez

Nehuén PérezVote:34

Rodrigo Becao

Rodrigo BecaoVote:44

Jaka Bijol

Jaka BijolVote:29

Filip Benkovic

Filip BenkovicVote:32

Destiny Udogie

Destiny UdogieVote:52

Kingsley Ehizibue

Kingsley EhizibueVote:19

Axel Guessand

Axel GuessandVote:19

Leonardo Buta

Leonardo ButaVote:27

Enzo Ebosse

Enzo EbosseVote:37

Festy Ebosele

Festy EboseleVote:22



Tolgay Arslan

Tolgay ArslanVote:36

Lazar Samardzic

Lazar SamardzicVote:69

Sandi Lovric

Sandi LovricVote:35

Simone Pafundi

Simone PafundiVote:28

Florian Thauvin

Florian ThauvinVote:95



Isaac Success

Isaac SuccessVote:48

Ilija Nestorovski

Ilija NestorovskiVote:46

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