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Arsenal: Favourite Chant

With the Arsenal fans being in full voice this season, what has been your favourite chant this season? Ooh To Be a Gooner Ooh to, Ooh to be, Ooh to be a, Gooner! And It's Arsenal, Arsenal FC And it's Arsenal, Arsenal FC! We're by far the greatest team The world has ever seen. Kai Havertz chant Tsamina mina, eh, eh, Waka waka, eh, eh, £60 million down the drain, Kai Havertz scores again. ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ We won the league at Anfield, we won it at the lane, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, no one can say the same. Mikel Arteta’s army, we’re Arsenal through and through, we’ll sing it in the North Bank, and in the Clock End too. ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ

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Ooh To Be a Gooner

Ooh To Be a GoonerVote:1 229

And It's Arsenal, Arsenal FC

And It's Arsenal, Arsenal FCVote:1 406

Kai Havertz chant

Kai Havertz chantVote:1 083



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