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EC Bahia

EC Bahia


Which was the most beautiful goal scored by Bahia in 2022?

End of season, Tricolores! Now you have the chance to help choose the most beautiful goal of 2022. Vote now!

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  • Open: nov. 23, 2022 - 17:00
  • Close: déc. 01, 2022 - 17:00
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Locked Token Count:2 128BAHIA
Jacaré (vs. Sport)

Jacaré (vs. Sport)Vote:420

Rodallega (vs. Campinense)

Rodallega (vs. Campinense)Vote:392

Rildo (vs. Londrina)

Rildo (vs. Londrina)Vote:572

Luiz Henrique (vs. Doce Mel)

Luiz Henrique (vs. Doce Mel)Vote:367

Matheus Davó (vs. Criciúma)

Matheus Davó (vs. Criciúma)Vote:377

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