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AS Roma

AS Roma


Who will be the MVP of AS Roma Women in the match against FC Barcelona Femení?

Join the debate and guess who will be the MVP against FC Barcelona Femení!

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  • Open: Mar 21, 2023 - 16:00
  • Close: Mar 21, 2023 - 20:00
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Locked Token Count:2,086ASR
Andressa Alves

Andressa AlvesVote:79

Elisa Bartoli

Elisa BartoliVote:103

Mina Bergersen

Mina BergersenVote:90

Camelia Ceasar

Camelia CeasarVote:58

Claudia Ciccotti

Claudia CiccottiVote:92

Norma Cinotti

Norma CinottiVote:42

Lucia Di Guglielmo

Lucia Di GuglielmoVote:56

Valentina Giacinti

Valentina GiacintiVote:388

Manuela Giugliano

Manuela GiuglianoVote:86

Bendetta Glionna

Bendetta GlionnaVote:75

Giada Greggi

Giada GreggiVote:82

Emilie Haavi

Emilie HaaviVote:62

Nina Kajzba

Nina KajzbaVote:57

Beata Kollmats

Beata KollmatsVote:90

Zara Kramzar

Zara KramzarVote:62

Elin Landstrom

Elin LandstromVote:80

Elena Linari

Elena LinariVote:46

Emma Lind

Emma LindVote:43

Victoria Losada

Victoria LosadaVote:73

Moeka Minami

Moeka MinamiVote:61

Stephanie Ohrstrom

Stephanie OhrstromVote:66

Sophie Roman Haug

Sophie Roman HaugVote:42

Alva Selerud

Alva SelerudVote:132

Annamaria Serturini

Annamaria SerturiniVote:74

Carina Wenninger

Carina WenningerVote:47

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