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Endpoint CeX

Endpoint CeX


What should we buy Av3k as a gift to celebrate him re-signing with Endpoint?

Av3k has been with Endpoint for three years so we thought let's celebrate with a traditional leather anniversary gift! But what do you want to see? A belt engraved with a message for full support? A canvas apron to help him in the kitchen? A tank top to bring out those gym muscles? Or a whip to keep his ranked opponents in line?

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  • Open: Sep 30, 2022 - 13:00
  • Close: Oct 07, 2022 - 13:00
  • chiliz


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Locked Token Count:3,675ENDCEX
Leather belt with message

Leather belt with messageVote:977

Leather apron with message

Leather apron with messageVote:618

Leather tank top

Leather tank topVote:694

Leather bullwhip

Leather bullwhipVote:1,386

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