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Which one of these submissions should win our #WorldEmojiDay competition?

On #WorldEmojiDay we asked fans to send us their football-themed emoji art. Out of hundreds of submissions, only 15 remain! Use your $SSU to vote for your favourite piece of emoji art. The winner will be rewarded with a signed shirt from one of partner clubs.

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  • Open: Jul 27, 2020 - 10:00
  • Close: Jul 31, 2020 - 10:00
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AS Roma Lupetto by @Legio93

AS Roma Lupetto by @Legio93Vote:53

Galatasaray SK by @iyigunholigani

Galatasaray SK by @iyigunholiganiVote:255

Paulo Dybala by @kylemuscat13

Paulo Dybala by @kylemuscat13Vote:34 by @poladavide by @poladavideVote:115

Atlético de Madrid by @SanOblak13

Atlético de Madrid by @SanOblak13Vote:53

Douglas Costa by @shellbepavel

Douglas Costa by @shellbepavelVote:11

Neymar Jr. by @TheRedBlueArmy

Neymar Jr. by @TheRedBlueArmyVote:32

Juventus by @Fede_CM8

Juventus by @Fede_CM8Vote:32

Lionel Messi by @im_cule_

Lionel Messi by @im_cule_Vote:55 by @BognanniG by @BognanniGVote:61

FC Barcelona by @marcterstxgen

FC Barcelona by @marcterstxgenVote:106

Chris Smalling by @Mike_Smalldini

Chris Smalling by @Mike_SmalldiniVote:10

Juventus by @CarCarloMarr

Juventus by @CarCarloMarrVote:24

Paris Saint-Germain by @CharlesMonroeFC

Paris Saint-Germain by @CharlesMonroeFCVote:33

SC Heerenveen by  @CryptoMastro

SC Heerenveen by @CryptoMastroVote:10

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