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Market Cap:$462,459,218
Diluted Market Cap:$2,904,429,659
24h Volume:$49,683,168
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Do you agree to extend this Locker Room's conversion deadline to March 19th in exchange for 1: An increased 15% $CHZ bonus if we sign and 2: A guaranteed 10% $CHZ bonus even if we don't?

We are in advanced negotiation stages with a club to convert this Locker Room, but we need a bit more time to finalise the details. This Locker Room is set to expire on February 2nd and we believe with a single extension of 45 days we’ll be able to convert. This isn’t our choice to make though - you need to vote to give us permission to extend this Room’s active period from February 2nd until March 19th. In exchange for giving this extra time to close the deal we are offering 2 incentives: 1. IF we sign with a team in time, all participants in this Locker will receive an increased 15% $CHZ bonus, instead of our original 10% $CHZ bonus offered. 2. IF we don’t sign with a team even given this 45 day extension, we will honor our original 10% CHZ Bonus to all Locker Room participants together with a full refund of all their spent $CHZ. We feel confident, but in the end the choice is yours. Please vote now.

  • Closed
  • Open: Feb 01, 2021 - 11:00
  • Close: Feb 02, 2021 - 12:00
    Locked Token Count:342,750

    YES, extend by 45 days for a guaranteed bonus and the chance for an extra 5% $CHZVote:319,373

    NO, I want to liquidate the Locker Room with no bonus $CHZ awardedVote:23,377