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AC Milan

AC Milan


Choose the artwork design that will be gifted to Franco Baresi from AC Milan fans to celebrate the anniversary of his Serie A debut.

43 years ago, Franco Baresi made his Serie A debut with the AC Milan shirt. To commemorate this very important date, fans from all over the world sent a celebratory design to pay tribute to a legend who dedicated his whole life to Rossoneri. 5 have been chosen but only one will be gifted to Baresi. Vote now for your favourite!

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  • Open: Apr 14, 2021 - 08:00
  • Close: Apr 18, 2021 - 18:00
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Option 1

Option 1Vote:6,112

Option 2

Option 2Vote:2,356

Option 3

Option 3Vote:1,939

Option 4

Option 4Vote:902

Option 5

Option 5Vote:1,165

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