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AC Milan

AC Milan


On May 23rd, Daniele Massaro will turn 60 and to mark this special occasion the club would like to give him a special gift. What number do you want printed on a shirt which will be gifted to him?

Daniele Massaro, AC Milan legend, will soon celebrate a very special birthday - his 60th. The club, along with $ACM Fan Token Holders will dedicate a special shirt to him - but we’re missing some details and the final decision is up to you! Which number do you want to be printed on a shirt that the club will gift to Massaro? These are the options: 11, certainly the one he wore the most during his time as a player 60, celebrating his birthday 94, the year in which Daniele Massaro scored two goals in the Champions Cup Final against FC Barcelona. Make your choice and do not forget to vote in the other active poll. By voting, you will enter a draw to win a copy of this shirt!

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  • Open: May 19, 2021 - 07:00
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