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Club Atletico Independiente

Club Atletico Independiente


Choose the design of the new entrance tunnel at the Libertadores de América Stadium.

We've made history. A sign chosen by $CAI Fan Tokens holders is already in place at the Libertadores de América stadium. Every match and every day, the phrase welcomes the players and hopefully the fans soon too. "Será siempre Independiente, el Orgullo Nacional" emerges from the center of the Erico Stand, the very heart of the stadium. That was big. But now we are going even bigger. It's time to choose the design of the new tunnel. You will decide what atmosphere and messages the players will experience before and after entering the pitch. Huge. REY DE COPAS Much more than a phrase or a nickname. A trademark. A mantra. The eternal pride of each Independiente supporter around the world. Nobody has won more Libertadores than el Rojo, no South American club has won more international cups than Independiente. The King of Cups makes perfect sense. LUCHAMOS UNIDOS Independiente was founded by a group of young workers 116 years ago. Since then, the institution maintained a strong and unwavering social compromise, always respecting the origins that made the club in its early days. "Siempre luchamos unidos" - "We always fight united" is part of the club's hymn and represents a way of seeing life and football too. DIABLOS ROJOS This one doesn't need a big explanation. The Libertadores de America is a charming hell and Independiente has been known as the Red Devils (Diablos Rojos) for almost a hundred years. The strong predominance of the colour red and a unique way of playing football helped create this nickname.

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