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Inter Milan

Inter Milan


Choose who should be awarded the "Premio Speciale" 2021 of the Inter Hall Of Fame

For the first time, Inter fans will decide who should be awarded the HOF "Premio Speciale". The "Premio Speciale" is an important honor dedicated to people or institutions who have written the history of Inter, going above and beyond with their actions off the pitch. The candidates for this edition are: Peppino Prisco: last december marked 100 years since his birth. Former VP, he's written important pages of the Inter history, being renamed "the biggest interista of all times". Policlinico di Milano: for the incredible efforts in the battle against the Covid-19 Outbreak. The hospital has worked relentlessly since the very early days of the pandemic, playing a pivotal role in the management of the vaccination campaign. Claudio Bertazzi: President of the Inter Fan Club Desenzano del Garda for more than 40 years, nominated for his values and strong commitment towards the community. Enzo Bernasconi, member of Inter Club Tri Basei: he rode 1.2777 km on his bike, starting from San Siro up to a small town in Calabria. The incredible effort had the objective of supporting Inter Campus Bolivia and Comitato Casari, promoting social initiatives in favour of the children from Cochabamba.

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  • Open: Feb 21, 2022 - 17:00
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Peppino Prisco

Peppino PriscoVote:24,055

Policlinico di Milano

Policlinico di MilanoVote:6,588

Claudio Bertazzi

Claudio BertazziVote:4,582

Enzo Bernasconi

Enzo BernasconiVote:6,610

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