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Apollon Limassol

Apollon Limassol


Choose the fan experience you would like to see implemented in the New Apollon FC Stadium.

The new Apollon FC stadium will be completed in a few months and the 2022/2023 football season will be the inaugural one. As we progress with the necessary preparations, we ask the fans to be part of the process by choosing one of the following fan experiences, which they will be able to enjoy on matchdays once the stadium opens. A pre-game fan zone where they will have the opportunity to engage in various activities and enjoy the environment along with their follow Apollon fans. A half-time show where lucky fans will be chosen to participate in mini-games such as penalty shootouts, free-kicks etc. Matchday stadium tours where fans will gain access to all areas of the stadium including the locker rooms and the pitch where they will experience what the players do, or a meet & greet with the Apollon FC players who are not going to be part of the team delegation for the day.

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Pre-Game Fan Zone

Pre-Game Fan ZoneVote:2,479

Half-time Show

Half-time ShowVote:1,889

Matchday Stadium Tours

Matchday Stadium ToursVote:1,813

Players Meet & Greet

Players Meet & GreetVote:1,541

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