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FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona


Which of these messages do you want to be on the FC Barcelona captain’s armband?

Against Bullying: The Barça Foundation works in contexts where youth violence has already become a structural phenomenon. For Refugees: The Barça Foundation promotes the integration of refugee and migrant children and young adults with their peers of other nationalities and the local community in Catalonia, Italy, Lebanon and Greece. For Social Inclusion: The Barça Foundation works to foster the inclusion of children from at-risk communities affected by such problems as poverty, disability, illness, inequality and different forms of discrimination. No Child Offside: The Barça Foundation uses sport and education in values to change the rules and help all children to overcome discrimination, sadness and injustice.

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  • Open: Feb 15, 2021 - 15:00
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Against Bullying

Against BullyingVote:2,898

For Refugees

For RefugeesVote:1,825

For Social Inclusion

For Social InclusionVote:2,249

No Child Offside

No Child OffsideVote:8,714

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