Fan Tokenlar:87
Piyasa Değeri:$347.135.354
Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri$1.777.883.312
24s Hacim:$48.113.764
S.C. Internacional

S.C. Internacional Fan Token




7,94 CHZ

0,00016382 ETH

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SACI Fiyat İstatistikleri
S.C. Internacional Fan Token Fiyatı$0,56
Piyasa Değeri$324.787
Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri$8.391.630
Dolaşımdaki Arz580.555
Toplam Arz15.000.000
24s Hacim$7
24s En Yüksek$0,56
24s En Düşük$0,45
FTO Fiyatı$2,00
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Kas 06, 2022 - 21:44

En Düşük

Haz 17, 2024 - 16:23

S.C. Internacional Fan Token Coin Fiyatı & Market Verisi

S.C. Internacional Fan Token fiyatı, 24 saatteki $7 hacmiyle birlikte bugün $0,56. SACI fiyatı 24 saatte 14.0637% kadar değişti. Toplam arzı 15.000.000 SACI olan tokenın 580.555 SACI adeti dolaşımda. Son güncellenme: Jul 16, 2024 - 12:16.

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Founded in 1909, Sport Club Internacional is one of the Brazilian football team with more tradition. Popular in South America, it has a passionate and loyal fan base, which is a hallmark of its century-old history. Colorado has already won the Brazilian Championship Series A three times. In 1979, it won without losing a match, a feat that still remains as the only team in the country to achieve such thing. In addition, he has a title in the Copa do Brasil, in 1992, and on 45 occasions he won the Campeonato Gaúcho, thus being the biggest winner of the regional competition. In the South American and world scenario, it stands out with the conquest of two Libertadores da América championships (2006 and 2010), one South American Cup (2008), two South American Recopas in (2007 and 2011) and, in 2006 , painted the world red with the historic achievement of the FIFA Club World Cup.

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