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Piyasa Değeri:$284.463.616
Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri$1.458.570.844
24s Hacim:$72.360.072
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Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC Fan TokenSEVILLA

Sevilla FC Fan Token (SEVILLA) Fiyatı



14,80 CHZ

0,00076545 ETH

24s En Düşük: $1,34

24s En Yüksek: $1,51

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Sevilla FC Fan Token Coin Fiyatı & Market Verisi

Sevilla FC Fan Token fiyatı, 24 saatteki $190.401 hacmiyle birlikte bugün $1,39. SEVILLA fiyatı 24 saatte -6.92328% kadar değişti. Toplam arzı 10.000.000 SEVILLA olan tokenın 1.332.901 SEVILLA adeti dolaşımda. Son güncellenme: Jun 06, 2023 - 08:48.

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SEVILLA Fiyat İstatistikleri
Sevilla FC Fan Token Fiyatı$1,39
Piyasa Değeri$1.852.732
Dolaşımdaki Arz1.332.901
Toplam Arz10.000.000
24s Hacim$190.401
24s En Yüksek$1,51
24s En Düşük$1,34
En Yüksek

May 09, 2023 - 13:43

En Düşük

Haz 06, 2023 - 02:09

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$SEVILLA Fan Token holders, which of these matches are you looking forward to most in 2023?

After almost two months, Club football is back. 2023 awaits many challenging matches full of passion and emotion. $SEVILLA Fan Token holders, which match are you looking forward to in 2023?

Ara 29, 2022 - Oca 03, 2023


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Sevilla FC kimdir?

Sevilla FC is the most successful club in South Spain. With one LaLiga Championship, six UEFA Europa League, five Copas del Rey, one European Super Cup, one Spanish Super Cup, and 18 Andalusian Cups round out the record of the club from Nervión. Founded in 1890, it´s the second oldest club in Spain and the sixth in the historical classification of LaLiga. In the 21st century, Sevilla FC has established itself as the third Spanish team with more European qualifications and the fourth with most titles, becoming the absolute king of the UEFA Europa League with its six conquests. Sevilla FC finished the 20/21 season in the eleventh position of the UEFA ranking. In 2006 and 2007 it was chosen as the best team in the world by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. In the 20/21 season, Sevilla FC achieved its all-time record for points and victories in LaLiga and its fifth ranking for the Champions League in the last seven campaigns.

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