Fan Tokenlar:67
Piyasa Değeri:$325.622.841
Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri$2.019.783.184
24s Hacim:$72.769.694
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Sint-Truidense V.V

Sint-Truidense V.V Fan TokenSTV


Sint-Truidense V.V Fan Token (STV) Fiyatı



16,07 CHZ

0,00138999 ETH

24s En Düşük: $2,26

24s En Yüksek: $2,46

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Sint-Truidense V.V Fan Token Coin Fiyatı & Market Verisi

Sint-Truidense V.V Fan Token fiyatı, 24 saatteki $320.767 hacmiyle birlikte bugün $2,38. STV fiyatı 24 saatte 1.77866% kadar değişti. Toplam arzı 1.000.000 STV olan tokenın 251.674 STV adeti dolaşımda. Son güncellenme: Aug 06, 2022 - 22:31.

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STV Fiyat İstatistikleri
Sint-Truidense V.V Fan Token Fiyatı$2,38
Piyasa Değeri$598.984
Dolaşımdaki Arz251.674
Toplam Arz1.000.000
24s Hacim$320.767
24s En Yüksek$2,46
24s En Düşük$2,26
FTO Fiyatı€2,00
En Yüksek

Nis 16, 2021 - 23:05

En Düşük

May 12, 2022 - 06:46

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Sint-Truidense V.V kimdir?

Koninklijke Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging, also known as STVV, is a very history-rich Belgian football Club. Created in 1924, under register number 373, the Limburg Club made his debut in the Belgian’s top league after the 55’-56’ season. After its best stunt in 1965, finishing Vice-Champions, and a few other nice seasons, the Club is now owned since 2017 by the Japanese company Ltd. With a very international group, the Club hopes to be one of the top Belgian teams in the near future.