Fan Tokens:87
Market Cap:$349,003,225
Diluted Market Cap:$1,761,311,149
24h Volume:$60,448,107
Racing Club

Racing Club| Best Fan Reward 2023 Season

During the 2023 season fans got the chance to get tickets to attend home matches, items of official kit and digital collectibles, among others rewards. Which was the best reward given to Fan Token holder of “the academy” in 2023? Vote now!

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  • Open: Jan 05, 2024 - 11:00
  • Close: Jan 09, 2024 - 03:00
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Locked Token Count:4,177RACING
Digital Collectibles - Locker Room

Digital Collectibles - Locker RoomVote:1,043

Tickets for El Cilindro

Tickets for El CilindroVote:949

2023 official jersey

2023 official jerseyVote:2,185

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